Caring expressions are images, sounds, code, words or any shareable expression enacting or doing care, rather than representing it. Here you will find things we are making, listening to, reading, feeling and learning with.

returning to our abstracted days

Nat Raha

Shared by: Nat Raha

returning to our abstracted days, poem written by Nat Raha for a workshop with F.A.M in April, 2021.

returning to our abstracted days
shrunk contours / condensed
spectacular :: dailiness as defeat to the collective
relations for living / remade
by what hands could give
the skills we honed to bear each others’ bodies
physically[,] distanced

all we’ve forged in scarce collections of living
pulling & planting, hoisted &
hammered, stirred served

/ ,

rents tense bear our necks
turn homes / ocean & ashen
so now left
fork what plans the wage has for us

talk & trial frayheld
scope in biopolitic
– take intentions filing body through doors
becomes the day we see these creatures

mediating what of ourselves we bring back to each other
,, how we’ve been & weathered
the depth of the wrecking of our lives

this whole quiet at
water lines we relearned to sing / sense
re/appropriate drawn nearnesss &
bubbling suns

ripple scarce so slight
the skills we honed bear bodies
each other across difference –

proximities scuff by flow / fearstate
embedding further walls
& the already disappeared / torn floors
massified disposable
threaded by the fork in the bars

the power our selves place
in the everyday, what will
continue to survive us together

timbre lain scopes loss
out toward assembly,
relearning words & chants
& the matter of us
, motion
of arms,
joints, bones, hold what grief / feelings
break to magnetise,

by the violence further wished for us,
its torrid hands wrung,

these bonds abstracted
kept to instigate

stranger, trust takes forms atoned
, meeting where a waterline
sibling, how do you name yourself

after Diane di Prima, 15.4.21