Ecosystem, solidarity and care

Within the Feminism Art Maintenance Group, I felt encouraged to continue working as an interdependent curator, writer and editor with my research of situated curatorial practices, empathy, ecology and transnational feminism, slow institutions, performative and engaged artistic practices in the era of the Anthropocene/Capitalocene.

Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez with the Initiative for Practices and Visions of Radical Care

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Photo Credit: Work by Ismail Afghan, photo Ivana Kalvacheva, 2020

In order to transform the methods with which we work within the contemporary art system and ground them in solidarity and mutualisation, we co-founded Initiative for Practices and Visions of Radical Care, together with Elena Sorokina and several other artists and curators based in greater Paris region who have been researching and working on and with care.

This is how the Initiative usually presents itself: The “Initiative” brings together curatorial, artistic, and health research and practices that enact solidarity and care, especially in situations when institutions disengage, fail or neglect. The Initiative constitutes an ecosystem and a space for new modes of sustainable relational institutionalism, based on the feminist and intersectional ideas of art institutions. Neither a classical collective, nor a rigid structure, the Initiative is researching and reinventing forms of care and solidarity beyond identity by its members who are artists, curators, refugees, asylum seekers, psychologists, horticultural therapists and researchers, among others.

This is how the Initiative usually meets: we meet under a tree or close to a river and pay hommage to them, share a picnic, sit and talk and listen, introduce practices and exercises, might have a walk and exchange about each other's urgent matters where each one can contribute to make these matters liveable and possible with their own skills, knowledge, contacts or ideas.