Life Support: Forms of Care in Art and Activism

How have individuals and collectives imagined alternative ways of living and organising?

Inspired by Glasgow Women’s Library’s communities and collections, Life Support considers how artists and activists have addressed and challenged experiences of care, health, education, housing, and home life.

Caroline Gausden, Kirsten Lloyd, Catherine Spencer and Nat Raha

Kirsten Come On In bw
Martha Rosler, exhibition view of Home Front, part of If You Lived Here… (1989)
© Martha Rosler. All rights reserved.

14 August – 18 October 2021

Glasgow Women's Library

With artworks, archival materials and installations displayed throughout the building and beyond, we focus on feminist, LGBTQ+ and anti-racist responses to existing systems. Featuring activist perspectives alongside works by artists including Olivia Plender, Franki Raffles, Martha Rosler, Veronica Ryan and Alberta Whittle, Life Support explores how archives can play a vital role as a form of care work for radical struggle. Realised during the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition highlights the urgent need for mutual care and support across the infrastructures and relationships that shape our everyday lives.

Life Support is curated by Caroline Gausden, Kirsten Lloyd, Catherine Spencer and Nat Raha